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Idk this is my personal blog and I'll post whats on my mind and stuff I like and pictures of me
I had a lovely day today, after work my bf brought me home and we spend some time together oh I love him so much he is the most perfect person ever and I’ve never been in such a happy relationship and with him I cant even wait for the future so that we can travel and spend time together oh I’m so happy
September favourites♥:
Armani Code ♥ right now I like this even better than hypnotic poison 
P2 Leather Matte Polish in 080 thrilling style
Manhattan DIP Eyeliner. I used to love this eyeliner years ago, now I decided to buy it again instead of gel eyeliner and well I still love it
P2 Glow Up! Highlighter in 021 high beam. I love to use highlighter at the moment it just makes my skin so nice and gives my face this extra glow
Rimmel London 101 Pink Sugar Powder Blush. This blush stands for pink blushes in general. I used to wear only bronze or reddish blushes in summer, but now I’m back to pink blushes
Last but not least my new blush brush from ebay. It was around 1.50 € and its so nice, I already ordered the foundation brush from this shop. You can get it HERE

why do you wanna die?


Oh I’m so exhausted my illness is driving me insane, I’m always tired yet I have to do so many things and I want to be good while doing them it just drives me crazy. I’d love to have some extra time for myself to get better again, but I know that I cant do this, because I have to go to school, to work, to make some extra money in my free time and still find some time to exercise, to meet my friends and my boyfriend ah its stressful. I should not be too whiny about it, other people have it worse than that, but sometimes its just overwhelming me and I just wish that I could disapear. Right now I feel good anyways, I feel productive so yeah there are good and bad days


Today I have to stay in bed because my bronchitis got worse again and I don’t want it to turn into pneumonia 😡😡😡 I’ll use my time productive anyway, by planing the next weeks and doing apprenticeship related stuff. Cross your fingers for me, I want to feel better by next week 😧 #vegan #vegansofig #soyacappuchino #cappuchino #bed #peanutbutterchocolatechipcookie #cookie #school #sick #bronchitis #pneumonia #moleskin #weekplan #snack #brunch #sweets #hellokitty

My most favourite pancakes ever 😍😍😍 protein banana pancakes with chocolate chips πŸ˜„ #vegan #veganbreakfast #vegansofig #healthyfood #healthyliving #fatloss #weightloss #healthybreakfast #breakfastinbed #highprotein #alpro #7lbstogo

do you have a micheal kors bag? they are soo nice!


Oh no I dont, I like them too, but I would never spend so much money on a bagΒ 

Pumpkin soup for dinner :) this is my favourite soup ever and I usually dont even like soups :’)
Outfit today :) had an awesome salad at a restaurant today, still so excited about it