Nicht mein Tag, jahrelang

Idk this is my personal blog and I'll post whats on my mind and stuff I like and pictures of me
The weather is just too good to waste it at the gym, so I made a little bike trip this morning 🌳🌻🌞

Any books you can recommend?

I have a 70€ book gift card and I dont know what to buy (except the catcher in the rye)

Criminal minds marathon

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! :)))


Vielen Dank :-* Bin so erleichert

Viel Glück morgen bei deiner Prüfung, das schaffst du, ich habs auch geschafft, war gar nicht so schlimm! Denk einfach dran: Immer schön blinken beim Abbiegen, Spurwechsel etc, schön auf Rechts-vor-links achten usw. ;)



Oh I’m so stressed at the moment, tomorrow I’ll hopefully get my driving licence so I was busy with driving almost everyday in the last couple of days plus school/work, my body is exhausted. But yeah I’ll hopefully succeed tomorrow and the weekend is close so I’ll feel better soon, at least I hope so